How to Prep for a Multi-Day Pinup Event

June 1, 2019

We are so lucky to have a smorgasbord of local car events and major car shows that span over a weekend or long weekend. But how do you plan for those marathon pinup events? We have already seen how the pinup pros tackle the planning and preparations for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend


Check out my top tips on how to prep for a multi-day pinup event that will have you stressing less and out the door quicker each day. 


First I ask myself these 3 questions:


What will I be doing? Am I working in my market stall? Am I going to be on my feet all day? Will there be shade at the event? Will I be dancing? Will I want to look my best in case a photographer wants to take a picture? Am I performing in the pageant? 


Can I plan my hairstyles? Curl set brushed out Day 1 then updo Day 2?


Any special outfits? Have I been holding out to wear something just for this event?


Here I will be showing you exactly how I plan and prep for a multi-day event. I will be using the example of the Australian Street Rod Federation National event which I attended as a market stall holder earlier in the year. This event was 5 days for me (stall bump in Thursday, show trading Fri - Sun, and stall bump out Monday) and also involved travel and staying away from home so you can see how I pack everything as well.


What am I doing?

I knew I would be driving and setting up my market stall on the Thursday and Monday, and working in my stall for the long weekend. So I generally try to plan comfortable outfits (involving pants, because bending and lifting boxes in a pretty dress is not always glamorous) for set up and pack down. I also like to look fabulous but also comfortable whilst working and for mutli-day events I strive to have a different look each day. I was going to be on my feet all day and inside a hall away from the elements (such as sun, wind and rain). 


Can I plan my hairstyles?

I have a general curl set life cycle which involves:

Day 1 = sponge roller set

Day 2 = poodle updo

Day 3 = brushed out curls

Day 4 = half up with victory rolls

Day 5 = full updo 

So I knew my working event days would be days 2 - 4 of my curl life cycle. 


Any special outfits?

I always love to support my fellow business owners, so I made sure to include outfits that featured other stall holders that would also be attending the event. 

I also love wearing my red Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture wiggle dress for market stalls because it looks amazing but is also very comfortable to be working in all day. 


So with those questions answered, I start to put together outfits on my bed: 

Day 1: Sunshine Coast Pinup School T-shirt with Pinup Girl Clothing capris

Day 2: Black peasant top with Razzama Dazzle handmade Frida skirt

Day 3: Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture Betty dress

Day 4: Razzama Dazzle Rizzo top with handmade Batman circle skirt

Day 5: Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture T-shirt with Pinup Girl Clothing capris


Once I have my base outfits down, I then add accessories, starting with hair accessories as I already know how I will be wearing my hair. By having all of my accessories organised it makes outfit planning rather quick and simple. I knew I also wanted to add in necklaces from Susan Jane Jewellery and shoes from Nicole Jade Boutique


Added: Splendette bangles, Susan Jane Jewellery necklaces, hair accessories from Sunshine Coast Pinup School, shoes from Kitten D Amour and Nicole Jade Boutique. 


I always make sure I pack cardigans that match my outfits and at least one pair of flat shoes that will also match all of my 'working' outfits just in case.


Recently, I have jumped on the band wagon of 'file folding' my clothing and it works wonders for when you are travelling because you can see all of your clothes when you open your suitcase. I also pack all of my jewellery and accessories in an organza bag and tie my petticoat up with a belt to get it down in size. 



I packed my makeup into a handy travel case that I just purchased off Ebay. This is only a percentage of my full makeup collection but I am able to create casual and event pinup makeup with it all. 


For Day 1, I just had my hair in a pony tail with a headscarf, then I set my hair in rollers that night and created a poodle updo for Day 2: 



Normally, I would get a good curly brush out for Day 3 from the poodle updo. However, the weather was not kind that weekend and my curls significantly dropped by the next morning due to the rain. So I netted my curls and set my fringe away instead:


(Keen to see how I did that to my Bettie Bangs? Check out the new Online Course here


Then for Day 4 I let my dropped curls be as they may and did a half updo with victory rolls and a swooped fringe: 

By planning all of my outfits and hairstyles I was out the door quicker each morning which allowed for more sleep, a relaxed breakfast and a less stressful event. 


So the next time you have a mutli-day pinup event coming up, make sure you ask yourself the 3 questions in order to help you prepare and be able to enjoy your pinup adventures. 


1. What will I be doing?

2. Can I plan my hairstyles?

3. Any special outfits? 


Be sure to follow our socials to see what events you can catch us at and make sure you stop by the market stall and say hi! 



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