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March 2, 2019

Now I understand, when you get into this 'pinup world' and start to create your dream pinup and vintage wardrobe, accessories tend to accumulate and slowly start to take over your space (and obsession!). But we love them, these pretty items that complete an outfit so perfectly. New, old, handmade or with their own stories to tell.


So, how can we keep on top of our ever growing collections and display all the beautiful things in our life (and also to keep track of what we already own so we don't come home with double ups - hands up? Yep, I'm guilty!).


Here are some storage and display ideas that will have you admiring your collection of vintage and pinup accessories on a daily basis. 


Hair Flowers:

These hair accessories are works of art in themselves! So why not display them nicely and have them decorate your wardrobe space as if they were the real thing. Attach the clips to sticks to create a pretty hair flower vase, or make display frame using a picture frame or canvas. 





"All the colours of the rainbow!" You can't go past a good ol' scarf hanger or simply tie to a clothes hanger or drape them over a string of wool.  







There are so many amazing products on the market for this exact thing! You can opt for a cheaper plastic system from Ebay or more elegant wooden or metal designs. Or simply create your own! 





In the day of the 'Splendette Stack' obsessions, there is no such thing as too many bangles for a pinup! Display them for ease of creating that perfect Instagram worthy stack! You can find bangle holders on Ebay or also create your own. 





The collection of vintage and vintage inspired glasses can get quite expansive for us short sighted pinups. A change in glasses can be as refreshing as a holiday! I personally use the top tier of my bangle holder (see photos below of how I store all of my accessories) but you can also display them on hooks or strings (or in their glasses cases where they should be kept but that is nowhere near as pretty!).





The most elegant way to display vintage gloves is delicately attached to a string for all to see, if they are of rare condition you can also purchase glove storage boxes to keep them protected. 





Here is where some ladies like to get crafty. Because of their nature, you can attach brooches to almost anything to have them on display - bags, boards, pillows you name it!





Luckily, you can still get your hands on vintage hat stands to display all of your collection, or you can hang them off wall hooks. 





Likewise, bags can be stored and displayed in a similar manner to hats, on bag stands, off wall hooks or simply on show with shelving. 




Check out how I personally store and display all of my accessories - yes, I have taken over the house! 





Also check out our Pinterest Board on Accessory Organisation for more ideas.


All images (except for my personal collection) have been saved from Pinterest with the original links/blogs available on the above mentioned board. 



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