Sirens Swimwear Review

December 8, 2018

There is nothing that makes your pinup wardrobe more complete than some pinup swimwear. For years I had struggled to find vintage inspired swimwear in Australian brick and mortar shops. I strongly believe swimwear is an item of clothing that must be physically tried on as we all come in different shapes and sizes. So I was pleasantly surprised to accidentally come across a Sirens Swimwear pop up shop in a Brisbane Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) shopping center some years back. 

I think I actually did a little skip into the store when I recognised vintage styling in their promotional posters and mid century swimwear cuts and silhouettes. My excitement was deflated when I remembered that I was 7 months pregnant at the time and I could not take any of the swimsuits home with me that day. I am not going to lie, getting my pre-baby (or close enough) body back before the pop up shop moved was a major motivation for me. And before you knew it, I was out on my first baby free outing going swimwear shopping! 


From that day, my collection has steadily grown. As you know, I tend to be quite loyal to a brand if they are high quality and the fit and sizing is consistent.

I now have seven Sirens Swimwear items. 


I adore this photoshoot I did with Nicole Laufer Photography in the very early hours at Maroochy River on the Sunshine Coast, featuring my first two purchases, the 'Alice' 2 piece and 'Grace' swimsuit. 



(Photos by Nicole Laufer Photography)


The 'Alice' 2 piece is so fun and flirty and the 'Grace' has such a classic feel to it with the halter straps and a modesty front skirt. I love that they feature ruching over the tummy area so you don't have to feel too self conscious of any lumps and bumps. 


Being the ambitious person I am, I sent these photos to Sirens Swimwear and they shared them on their social media. So when a modelling job for their 2017 campaign was advertised, I promptly reminded them of these photos. Then my stoked pinup face was suddenly all over their website!


It is an amazing feeling being able to model and fan girl for a brand you already know, love and regularly wear. I took this day as a massive opportunity to try on all the styles they carry so I could continue to add to my collection knowing what styles fit and suited me. As part of my modelling payment, I also got to take home another swimsuit. There was no mistaking the 'Lizzie' was my new favourite. This swimsuit has the MOST support in any swimwear I have ever seen. The cups are molded and it also has shape wear like lining, I can literally run in this and everything stays put. 


(Photo by Mark Greenmantle Photography)


Ok, time to talk about the ladies now. As a natural 10D+ cup since I was 16, I never felt comfortable in any swimwear. Jealous of all my friends sporting their cute string triangle bikinis, I either had the choice to 'let them all hang out' or wear swimwear that just looked like a Lycra bra. Every single Sirens style supports my ladies (even when they went up to 12GG when I was breastfeeding - I know my back still hurts!). 


Although, they are an online only store now, they offer something I have never seen any other retailer do. A Try at Home service. You pay a flat fee and add 3-5 swimsuits (depending on any promotions) to your shopping cart. They send these all out to you including a returns form and return postage bag. So there are no awkward half naked store change room situations, you get to try on your swimwear in the comfort of your own home. I took advantage of this service during a sale last year and added a 'Marilyn' swim dress and 'Josie' 2 piece to my collection.


(Photo by Mark Greenmantle Photography)


The 'Marilyn' swim dress is just like the 'Lizzie' with it's moulded cups but is a mini dress (and matching high waisted bottoms) which literally feels like you are fully clothed, so no over skirts or sarongs needed! The 'Josie' 2 piece also features a modesty skirt and ruching, the bottoms on these sit just above my belly button. I regularly wear these for the 2 piece convenience of....ah hem....using the toilet. 


At times, I do look at my collection and think it is complete. But then they go and do another amazing sale and my impulse purchase sale lover takes control. So recently, I also added another 'Lizzie' and the 'Tiffany' ruffle swimsuits as well. 



The 'Lizzie' is fabulous in any colour really! And this retro gal can't go past a gingham print of the 'Tiffany', the panels of ruffled fabric add that extra tummy camouflage.  


Now, I have mentioned a few sales here. I highly recommend you sign up for their email list and keep an eye on their social media as they offer some insane sales a couple times a year of older stock to make way for new collections. These swimsuits are absolutely worth their full retail price tag and do last. However, I have retired my 'Alice' 2 piece as I wore it weekly in a chlorinated pool for my sons swimming lessons and did not take adequate care of it. 


So I highly recommend investing in a swimsuit cleaner. I got the 'Surf and Sand' swimsuit wash that Sirens stock. I now use this every time I need to wash my swimsuits, and it has helped maintain their colour, elasticity and quality. 



I love my Sirens, I feel so confident whenever I wear them and I love how unique they are on the beach landscape of generic bikinis. 


Disclaimer: This is not a paid post, all opinions are my own. I received the gingham 'Lizzie' swimsuit as payment for my modelling services and all other swimsuits were purchased at my own free will with my own hard earned money. 



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