The Victory Roller Hair Tool and Tutorial

December 1, 2018

I am all about finding quick and easy ways to create my favourite vintage inspired hairstyles. The classic Gibson roll hairstyle that many working and service women wore in the 1940s, is one I've always loved. So when I discovered a reproduction hair tool that makes creating these iconic rolls simple, I literally did a happy dance! 


The 1940s Gibson roll was revived and adapted from the Edwardian hairstyle of the iconic 'Gibson Girls'. 

It is a great hairstyle for all occasions and weather. Perfect for hot summer days when you just want to get that hair off your neck, and for rainy days where you want a hairstyle that won't budge from getting wet. The Gibson roll is also my go to updo hairstyle for many hats. 


For years I had been using hair rats (hair sausages or hair donuts cut in half) to create a Gibson roll. However, when my hair was long, I found it very frustrating to neatly wrap all of my hair around the rat and the amount of bobby pins needed to secure the hairstyle was getting a little out of hand. Then when I cut my hair into a traditional middy, my short layers were simply too short to roll around the hair rat. 


Upon scrolling through one of my favourite Facebook groups: Vintage Updos for Modern Girls, one of the ladies posted a picture of a deadstock vintage hair styling tool called the 'Solo Comfy Hair Roller'. Wow, did this tool make Gibson rolls look easy! Then, a lady commented on the post saying that she made reproduction versions of this tool and I knew I had to get one! It was Sarah from Peachy Keen Vintage Designs. With a quick correspondence, I had her hand making a bulk order for us Australian gals. 


Fortunately, they did live up to the hype! So what exactly are they? They are a strong but flexible wire encased in a felt cover. The original ones look to be just a fabric covered wire, so these reproduction ones appear they would last longer. 


All you do is place your hair in the middle of the wire, pinch the wire closed, then roll up your hair, sliding the roller down then up to collect more hair with your length. Then I bend the sides inwards to my head, collecting some hair on the way, and secure any loose bits with bobby pins. Kinda hard to explain through the written word I know, but don't worry, there are pictures and a Youtube video tutorial below as well. 


These Victory Rollers make this hairstyle obtainable for different hair lengths and types. The only hurdle I have observed, is that extra long and thick hair needs two of these rollers so the doubled up wire has the added strength suited for the hair. 


See below for the Quick and Simple Summer Vintage Updo hairstyle I created with the Victory Roller and also Grip Tuth Combs (another amazing product I found through the Vintage Updos for Modern Girls Facebook group - separate blog coming soon!) 

 Check out the video here: 

Victory Rollers are available to purchase here

All tools from the hair tutorial available to purchase here 





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