The Reality of a Home Studio

November 10, 2018

I'm going to give you a little (OK big) behind the scenes look of Pinup HQ!  I'll introduce you to the reality of a home photography studio, and also a little insight into being a boss lady and stay at home mum. 


While the Sunshine Coast Pinup School have always offered styled photoshoots as one of our services, I started offering 'Pinup HQ Photoshoots' just over a year ago at my home on the Sunshine Coast. There are big plans to eventually renovate our house to accommodate a dedicated permanent photography studio, workshop space, office and hair and makeup station. But for the time being, I operate from a temporary studio in my living room.

This studio set up takes about 20-30 minutes to set up and pack down. It consists of a backdrop stand with multiple backdrops, two soft box lights, a tripod, goose neck floor lamps and a reflector. Also varying other household furniture and props. 


Luckily, everyone who has shot here so far have been dog people and don't mind being interrupted for a little cuddle (and kiss) from our dog Enslow.

Chelsea, our in house model, staffy mother and staffy lover, will often stop for 5 minutes at a time to give Enslow the attention he craves! Which always makes for many cute behind the scenes moments. 

On most shoot days, my toddler is having a grandparent or daddy day. However, sometimes life just happens and he provides adorable entertainment for the photoshoot. Forcing me to be the ultimate multi-tasking mum, business woman and creator. He has also recently showed an interest in being in front of the camera and insists I take his photo between outfit changes or before I pack up the studio. 

My studio photography focuses on portraits. So shots are often tight framed and no-one would be the wiser of what happens behind the scenes (if I weren't to show you this all now!).  

I love to challenge myself on what I can create and capture in this limited space. Often challenging poor Chelsea as well as we are always experimenting with new sets, poses and lighting techniques. 


 Before                                                                         After  

My mothers 80's faux fur coat has been a handy prop to add a little touch of glamour to a shoot. And my faux mink white blanket is always a favourite to add that cozy feel to floor shots. 


Above, Dani is also using just a simple IKEA artifical orchid potted plant. 


I also like to use the open window to create bright over exposed backgrounds. And add some curtains to the backdrop stand for some added texture, as seen below in Elle's maternity shoot. 



Of course, I do love a good location shoot, but after years of being a model and organising photoshoots. Sometimes it's nice to have a studio set up that is all weather appropriate (and in air con!) 


I hope you have enjoyed this little snippet behind the scenes of the Pinup HQ Photoshoots. Now you will start to see the beauty and endless options for shoots you have within your own home if you are a budding photographer. Everything can be a prop and every space can make a beautiful background if framed properly. 


See our 'Transform Yourself Packages' and contact us to book in your pinup transformation. 






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