Pinup Makeup: Casual vs Event

October 20, 2018

There is a common misconception that being a pinup you must wear full vintage inspired hair and makeup everyday.

It is a question I get asked a lot; "So do you dress like this with your hair and makeup everyday?"

My short answer; "Yes, but not always to this extent"


I have my fancy outfits that are reserved for events and special occasions (see reviews of two clothing brands here and here) and I have my casual pinup outfits for less formal meetings and daily errands (see how to build up this wardrobe on a budget here).


While I will do something pinup inspired with my hair almost every day, I have two go-to makeup looks: Casual and Event.


From first glance the main difference between my two makeup looks is the addition of winged eyeliner and red lipstick for events. However, my event makeup look not only involves more products, but also has a different application with the use of makeup brushes.



My casual makeup look:

Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation - Honey Beige 

Napoleon Mosaic Powder - Flushing  (applied as blush and eyeshadow) 

Rimmel Match Perfection Face Powder - Transparent 

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara - Espresso 

Lacura Volumising Mascara (left out of below photo - sorry!)

Burts Bees Tinted Lipblam - Hibiscus 


This makeup look is pretty quick, and I have it all done in about 3-5 minutes. 


This is also what I call my 'lazy' makeup, I've got makeup on and look 'put together' but I have been very lazy with the application. 









I apply my foundation with my hands, usually only a slight coverage with one coat. Then I add some blush using a DMT 416VS-30 Domed Powder brush. I actually use my blush as my eyeshadow as well. Which was a common makeup trick of the 40s and 50s. I pick up one of the lighter squares in my blush mosasic for my eyeshadow base, then add slightly darker shade as a little crease defintion, using a Jessup 239 Eye Shader brush. Powder is applied with a DMT 416W-30 Ultra Soft Powder brush. I darken and define my eyebrows (cuz my blonde babies need it!) with the eyebrow mascara and add 1-2 coats of mascara to my lashes. This is topped off with the tinted lip balm to add a little moisture and colour to my lips. 


My Event Makeup Look:

Arbonne Makeup Primer

Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation - Honey Beige 

Maybelline Master Conceal Camouflahing Concealer - 10 Fair

NYX Eyeshadow Base - White

Napoleon Mosaic Powder - Flushing 

Rimmel Match Perfection Face Powder - Transparent 

Beautiful Creations Irresistible Eyeshadow Pallette 

Australis Eyebrow Pencil - Black

Australis Brow and Lash Extender - Clear (tinted from use!) 

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner 

Lacura Volumising Mascara 

Lacura 24hr Duo Lipstick - Pure Red

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray


So as you can instantly see, there are ALOT more products involved in my event makeup look. And I also apply it 'properly' using more makeup brushes. 


When I am doing this kind of makeup, I am usually going to an event where I will be needing my makeup on and not to budge for at least 8 hours. So the emphasis on this makeup routine is to apply the correct base and to set it for long wear. However, I do this look so often now that I have the application down to about 15 minutes. 






I apply my primer using my hands, then use the DMT 418VS-30 Rounded Buffer brush to buff and blend my foundation (normally 2-3 coats) and concealer. I also apply a primer to my eyelids using Jessup 212 Flat Definer brush. 


I then use the same brushes as I do for 'Casual' for my blush and powder. However, my eyeshadow application steps it up a little. 


Eyeshadow application with Beautiful Creations Irresistible Pallete 

Base - 'Naked' using MAC 239 

Crease 1 - 'Touch Me' using Jessup 222 Small Tapered Blending

Crease 2 - 'Bare' using Jessup 222 Small Tapered Blending

Crease 3 - 'Tender Kiss' using Jessup 222 Pencil

Outter V - 'Yours' using DMT 4005-05 Pencil Crease

Inner V - 'True Love' using DMT 473S-08 Ultra Eye Blender


As you can see, I have dabbled in some other makeup looks with this pallette that feature 'Naked' and 'Touch Me' as my bases. But as much as I love the colours of this pallette, this tends to be my go-to 'don't have to think' eye makeup look. 


I then define my eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil and set it using the eyebrow gel. I add the finishing touches with winged eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Then to ensure my makeup does not budge all day, I use the makeup setting spray. 


So as you can see, my regular makeup collection features a mixture of supermarket and higher end products.


I strongly believe in finding a makeup product that works best for you and your budget. I personally have found no comparision to the Arbonne primer and foundation for my skin. The Napoleon blush was a purchase included in my 'makeover' for my high school formal. And I invested in the Urban Decay Setting Spray after Tina Sparks (our head makeup artist) had used it on me many times with great results. But I am still in love with my Aldi brand lipstick for only $8. (You can read my review of this lipstick here and follow me as I try out other red lipsticks in the 'Road Testing Red Lipsticks' Blog Series). 




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