Talia's Pinup Photoshoot

October 13, 2018

Pinup transformation photoshoots are one of my favourite parts of the job. I love to get to know my clients and watch how they light up with confidence (and sometimes sass!) as they are transformed into Pinup Perfection!


During the process of being styled as a pinup we spend about 3 hours together at Pinup HQ (my home studio), styling hair, doing makeup and the mini photoshoot. 


Talia's shoot is one I love to flick through the whole set of photos and see how she transformed during the photoshoot.


When she first sent through her natural selfie, I instantly knew I wanted to take full advantage of her balayage hair colour in a fun updo, inspired by Miss Rockabilly Ruby. 

I recall many cute moments whilst doing her hair, when she would look at herself in the mirror with such curiosity. And how we instantly connected over our love of Staffy's (as mine was constantly trying to steal kisses and cuddles from her). 


For the first 5-10 minutes of Talia's shoot it was lovely to 'get comfortable' with each other, as this is something that sets a nice tone for the shoot. We went through some basic coaching on pinup facial expressions and hand placement (Talia had a beauty/torso shoot). And understandabley, she was a little shy at first, opting to look away from the camera until she got into the groove. 


And BAM! Did she find her groove! 




Every photo I took she had a little more twinkle in her eye and cheekier grin. 



Then, I added my yellow framed sunglasses (warning against the strong presciption lens) and a completely new Talia emerged through my camera. She was not only confident and comfortable in the shoot by now, but a little sass that I don't think she even knew was bursting at the seams. 



I just love how one accessory can add a whole new dimension. Sometimes as pinups and vintage lovers, we don't get that final 'I'm feeling myself' moment until the red lipstick or winged eyeliner goes on, or the gloves or petticoat complete our outfit. For Talia, it was the sunglasses that allowed her to completely emerse herself into the shoot. What a high to finish Talia's Pinup Transformation on! 


Hair, makeup and photography was done by Renae/Miss Hg Mercury from Sunshine Coast Pinup School. 


Keen to unleash your inner pinup siren or vintage goddess? Check out our Pinup Transformation photoshoot packages and 'Transform Yourself' Pinup HQ photoshoot packages. 






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