Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture Review

September 29, 2018

I fell in love HARD with Toowoomba based Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture ever since their first campaign photoshoot in early 2017. Classic and unique, the designs were eye catching with vibrant fabrics and amazing attention to detail. 

After a lot of indecision, I eventually placed my first pre-order for the red bombshell 'Bettie' wiggle dress. The contrasting buttons on the back allured me and when it arrived and I put the dress on - I was hooked (You can even see my goofy video here).  Being in love with the label and the dresses isn't enough for me. Knowing the person behind it all adds another element as to why I adore labels such as Cherry Bomb. I want to know who they are, what their inspiration is, their goals, their family, like a true fan of their artistry. Bec (Cherry Bomb's designer and founder) is not only a talented fashion designer, she is a true artist in every sense, with a loving supportive family. 


In an exciting twist of fate, I was turned from fan to a Cherry Bomb Dame with the release of a new colourway of her famous 'Hedy' dress. This dress was coming home with me! 


Since then I have slowly added more of Bec's amazing dresses to my collection. 


The 'Bettie' wiggle dress in 'Bombshell':

Photo Credit: Madison and Co

My first love! Even though it is a wiggle dress, I have actually worn this dress to many market stall events. The fishtail skirt feature sits right on my knees, giving me full movement in my legs and elimating that restricting 'wiggle with her walk'. I adore the contrasting colours which gives me endless accessory options. The pussy bow neckline also elimates the need to decide on which necklace to wear. 


The 'Bettie' wiggle dress in 'China Doll':

Photo Credit: Madison and Co

Opps, I do actually have the same dress in two different fabrics. But I feel these two dresses are vastly different from each other. While the red plays to more bombshell vibes, the blue is more classic and elegant. The contrasting polka dot fabric is also a lot softer in this dress which allows the bow neckline to fall differently. And when a dress fits and feels this good, of course you get it in more than one colourway. 


The 'Hedy' wiggle dress in 'Vogue':

 Photo Credit: Mark Greenmantle Photography 

Now this dress is sure to turn heads. I feel as though I am transformed into a WWII air hostess when ever I wear it. As I said above, I was lucky enough to be able to model this new colourway for the brand. The cotton spandex blend in the fabric hugs you in all the right places. And the detailing of this dress is so unique with the necktie and button decorated peplum. 


The 'Eva' swing dress in 'Belle Fleur':

Photo Credit: Madison and Co

This is my go to, comfortable, functional, sun safe and fabulous dress. The Eva dress features an adorable mandarin inspired keyhole neckline. The design details and fabric of this dress are in no way justified by any photos. This is one that you fall even more in love with in real life, especially when you put it on! 


The 'Brigitte' swing dress in 'Perfect Plaid':

Photo Credit: Madison and Co

I LOVE the unique neckline of the Brigitte dress and I knew I needed to add one to my collection. However, I am particularly picky with my florals so was so excited when I was sent a sneak peak of this new black and white plaid colourway. The full skirt on this dress is full, there is so much fabric that you can actually feel the value in this dress. 


The 'Lucille' swing dress in 'Coral Gingham':

Photo Credit: Little Miss Hatsie May

This may have been an impulse purchase at Greazefest. I find gingham dresses so common in our pinup community that not many stand out anymore. But this dress is divine! The large halterneck collar gives it a point of difference and I love the coral gingham that can be paired with so many colour combinatons. 


Did I also mention that all dresses come with a matching belt and all the swing dresses feature pockets? 

So that is my collection so far, which is your favourite?


Disclaimer: This is not a paid post, all opinions are my own. I received the 'Hedy' dress as payment for my modelling services and all other dresses were purchased at my own free will with my own hard earned money. 

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