Road Testing Red Lipstick Series: Part 1- Lacura Duo 24hr Lipstick

October 18, 2017

One essential item for all pinups is red lipstick. There are so many on the market and everyone will tell you their favourite, go to bold red lip.


You can go through the adventure of trial and error until you find your perfect shade that provides the optimal wear and comfort for your price range. OR you can learn from my adventures (and fails) in this multi-part Road Testing Red Lipstick Blog Series! 


I will try out different red lipsticks and rate them accordingly. I aim to offer a range from regular lipsticks to long wear lipsticks as they both have their pros and cons. 


Here are my 5 criteria - Rated out of 5 (1 =poor, 5 =good):

1. Application 

2. Transfer (initial and after 1 hour)

3. Cost

4. Wear throughout the day/ Eating and Drinking

5. The next day


Each lipstick will be given a total score out of 25. 


Here we go!


Lacura Beauty Duo 24hr Lipstick in 'Pure Red' 


I have to admit I did squeal when I discovered Aldi sell cosmetics, I am a huge fan of anything budget friendly. This is a long wear lipstick that features a liquid lip colour with a clear lip balm. 


1. Application

According to the pack instructions (I got excited and tore the packaging so no pretty pictures) you apply the liquid lip colour in one direction on the bottom of your lip from one corner to the other and on your top lips starting from the middle and to the corner of each side. Allow the colour to dry for one minute, then liberally apply the lip balm all over the lips. It was fairly easy to apply but I found I over drew my lips easily with the large dope foot applicator and I had to quickly remove it before it dried. The lip colour is tacky when its drying and you definitely need the lip balm on it to make it slippery and comfortable. 


Rating = 3 out of 5. It does needs a little more time to apply and a steady hand. 


2. Transfer

When you apply the balm it stays nice and moisturised and then soaks into your lips. When the balm is wet, it does transfer.

However, once the balm soaks in, the transfer is minimal. There were only a couple of specks on my water bottle, about 1 hour later. 

Rating = 4 out of 5. Pretty impressed with the transfer of this product once the balm soaks in. I was even kissing my white dog later with almost no transfer. 


3. Cost

Now this is the best part! It was only $7.99 from Aldi. In comparison to other long wear lipsticks with a similar application process I think it's pretty darn cheap. 

Rating = 5 out of 5. 


4. Wear throughout the day/Eating and drinking

It was actually a pretty comfortable lipstick to wear, almost unnoticeable on my lips with no dry or cracking feeling. I first applied it at 10:30am and I did apply the lip balm a couple of times during the day and it made my lips feel amazing and soft and silky. The below image was at 1pm (2.5 hours), I had driven down to Brisbane to have a picnic with some friends and was just drinking water during the car trip. 

At this glorious picnic, I ate cupcakes, cheese dip and crackers, cookies (all your usual treats). I also drank from my water bottle. I did not eat in any particular way as to conserve my lipstick. Now below at 4pm when I got in the car to drive home. 


My lips were starting to dry out and the colour was fading from my inner lips. There was also a patch on my top lip that had rubbed off. They did not feel uncomfortable and from a distance the colour and my lips still looked acceptable. I applied a layer of the lip balm, rubbed my lips together and it managed to even out the colour a little bit, and of course, add a touch more moisture to my lips.

Now, I must confess, when I wear lipstick all day it is usually while at a car show or event and I almost always eat a burger or something greasy. So my lipstick will only last until I eat lunch, then I have to reapply it. BUT for dinner I had tacos. As in hard shell, minced beef, crack into and spill all over your hands,  no way to eat like a lady tacos.'t....budge! 


What is this magic?! I even had taco juice on my nose and my lips seemed to stay put! And again, just an application of the lip balm and the colour went back to an acceptable appearance. This was at about 7pm, so 8.5 hours of wear. 

Rating: 4 out of 5. For a 5 out of 5 I would want no fading what so ever over at least 10 hours. But I am still pretty impressed.


5. The next day

Now one of the most important thing to me is the health of my lips. With some other brands (posts to come) I would have lovely colour pay off, only to have dry cracked lips for at least 3 days after. 

My lips were of their regular health the next day, with no extra dryness or cracking. 

Rating: 5 out of 5. 


Total Score = 21 out of 30.

Overall I am pretty impressed with this lipstick, and to be honest the cost wins me over. I also went and bought it in the shade 'Soft Beige' as an everyday lip colour. 


Stay tuned for more parts to this Road Testing Red Lipstick series!




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